Reaction Time

Basic Elements

The total motor response time is a combination of the decision time and the movement time. Reaction time is the basic component that determines the speed in decision time. This is a kind of skill that is very crucial for both individual and team sports (e.g. soccer, basketball, tennis, martial arts etc). Reaction time is defined as the time elapsed between the unanticipated or anticipated stimulus and the initiation of an appropriate response in a given situation or environment. Reaction time is usually measured with the dominant hand of foot. It seems, thought, that the dominant segment is faster in its response.

Testing parametres

  • Response time
  • Coordination
  • Agility

For this evaluation used the cordless system for the reaction time FITLIGHT Trainer


Reaction time testing is the most common way to study an athlete’s central information processing speed and fast coordinated movement response. A simple reaction time test has only one type of signal and a known movement response to it. A choice reaction time has several varying stimulus or signals and several possible movement reactions according to the signal. Every athlete can improve the reaction time, the field view perception, and to improve faster motor responses.

Suggested Results

Soccer, basket, volley, tennis,  kickboxing, karate, taekwondo etc


5 – 20 min

We provide the assessment tests in:

a) Lab

b) Fields or courts  according to teams and coaches needs (10 athletes minimum)

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The FITLIGHT™ system is a wireless reaction training tool equipped with LED lights that are managed by our comprehensive tablet controller. The system of lights acts as targets that users need to deactivate during their training session, sending data back to the tablet for later analyzation. The system’s versatility allows them to be easily adapted and configured to meet the needs of all users and training regimes.

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