Physical Fitness Assessment

What is physical fitness assessment?

Physical Fitness assessment process involves the measures and assessments of athlete’s and sports enthusiast’s physiological characteristics. It refers to a number of tests, which could be applied to anyone to provide a clearer view of his current state. Assessments should provide more than a feedback evaluation and can be used as key indicators of the effectiveness of decisions related to athlete management, talent development, and standardized training programs. Following a general health evaluation, the natural next step is to perform baseline assessments to answer the questions, ‘’Is what I’m currently doing effective? and ‘’Can I be better serving my athlete? The proper test however, must first meet the criteria for validity, reliability and objectivity.


Physical Fitness Assessment Services

  • Cardiorespiratory Endurance
  • Anaerobic Power & Capacity
  • Muscular Strength – Power – Endurance
  • Explosive Power
  • Anthropometrics
  • Flexibility
  • Reaction Time
  • Basic Metabolic Rate

Why should I take a physical fitness assesment?

  • Tests the parameters that can affect athlete’s performance
  • Evaluates pros & cons of Cardiorespiratory endurance
  • Points out the appropriate training intensities
  • Organizes training according to athlete’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Readiness tested during recovery
  • Motivates for more and more proper training
  • Proves athlete’s talent

How much does the physical assessment tests cost?

The cost of the physical assessment tests depends on the measurements selected based on the athlete’s sport, needs and level. Take a look at the packages and their cost.

Where do they take place?

The physical assessment tests are taking place either in the fully equipped ERGOSCAN’s assessment centre in Elliniko or/and in teams stadiums, all over Greece and abroad.

How can I watch the progress of my physical condition?

At ERGOSCAN, we maintain the historicity of all the elements and results of the athletes. We compare the results over time, monitor the development and feed the coach with this information. According to the new report, coaches redesign training so that it is efficient.


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