Muscular strength

Basic Elements Muscular strength – power – endurance

One of the following four methods commonly used muscle strength, or more precisely, the maximum force or tension generated by a single muscle or related muscle groups:

    • Tensiometry
    • One-repetition maximum
    • Dynamometry
    • Computer-assisted force and power output determinations


  • Isometric testing
  • Max Test (1RM)
  • Cable Tensiometry
  • Muscle endurance

Assessment results

Assessment results can give a clear view of the current level but moreover, muscular strength evaluation is used also to detect muscular imbalances between muscle groups, mainly of the legs and the core, while in addition such assessments used to take periodic quantitative feedback and in the case of injuries to determine the rehabilitation period. Based to all above information we can support coaches on their guidance to improve their athlete’s performance and to protect them from possible injuries.

Suggested sports

Soccer, Running, Cycling, Mountain Running, Volley, Kick Boxing, Functional Training (CF), Rowing etc

Test Duration

10 min

We provide the assessment tests in:

a) Lab

b) Fields or courts  according to teams and coaches needs

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