Explosive power

Basic elements

Explosive power is the ability to produce force in one explosive and rapid action or a series of sudden movements such as jumping, shooting, or change direction. The highest power output per second should be very close to the maximal instantaneous power. Explosive power tests, such as any kind of jump, are used to evaluate the athlete’s ability to produce muscular force in the shortest possible time. Jumps tests evaluate the legs explosive strength, the neural recruitment ability and they have been shown to have a strong correlation with sprint performance, standing long jump, and isokinetic leg extension testing.


  • Static – squat jump (SJ)
  • Counter movement jump (CMJ)
  • Free jump (FJ)
  • Drop jump (DJ)

Assessment Results

According to the testing procedures, we can take following results:

  • The leg power, velocity of contraction and neural stimulation
  • Neural recruitment ability, stetch-shortening cycle capcity and inter- and intramuscular coordination.
  • Number of jumps, flying and contact time, rate of power decline and fatigue coefficient

Suggested Sports

Soccer, Volley, Basket, Kick Boxing, etc

Test Duration

5 min

We provide the assessment tests in:

a) Lab

b) Fields or courts  according to teams and coaches needs

Photo gallery

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