Cardiorespiratory Endurance

Basic elements

Cardiorespiratory endurance is a function of body’s ability to take in and use oxygen through the lungs, heart and muscles in order to support any exercise or activity for as long as possible. Sometimes cardiorespiratory endurance is called ‘’aerobic endurance’’ due to the use of oxygen from the energy systems. It’s a composition of several respiratory, cardiovascular and metabolic adaptations. In this regard, the assessment of cardiorespiratory endurance feature testing procedures that quantify the time needed to complete a given amount of work or the amount of work competed in a given time.

Parameters to evaluate

  • The typical gold standard or criterion measure for cardiorespiratory endurance is maximal aerobic power (also called maximal oxygen uptake – VO2max) that is measure using gas-exchange analysis.
  • Speed/power at maximal oxygen uptake (vVO2max & wVO2max)
  • Sustained time – time limit at maximal oxygen uptake (Τlim)
  • Anaerobic – ventilatory threshold (%VO2max – ml/kg/min & % vVO2max – km/h)
  • Lactate threshold – Lactate curve (mmol/l, km/h, watt)
  • Energy economy (kcal/min, %VO2max)

That type of assessment requires expensive equipment and it is time consuming. Fortunately, there are maximal and submaximal tests that are based on the relationship between exercise intensity and body’s response to physical exertion (e.g., heart rate)

Assessment Results

The assessment results provide – with great specificity and accuracy – the function of the biological systems involved in aerobic energy production and which affect the athlete’s competitive performance. The appropriate use of such a results provide quality data that can inform the decision-making process and give us a clear view to build tailor made training programs based on the individual strength and weaknesses.

Suggested Sports

All the sports (group, individual, martial arts) and other groups of physical, mental, and spiritual practices.

Mainly: Running, Rowing, Soccer, Basket, Handball, Kick-boxing, Box, etc


20 – 25 min

We provide the assessment tests in:

a) Lab

b) Fields or courts according to teams and coaches needs

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